Your body. Your time. Your best.

Your body. Your time. Your best.


Introducing the MISSION 6 Total Body Workout Program

  • High-intensity, total body workouts backed by science, results, and user satisfaction
  • Take back your life and your body in just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
  • Experience visible, life-changing results in just 6 weeks with noticeable improvements in your day-to-day energy, mood, and physique


Work out at HOME or on the Go!

NO MORE EXCUSES. Join the BURNBEYOND Fitness Community and Start Streaming Your MISSION 6 Total Body Workout Videos Today!

These take-anywhere, do-anytime workouts are ideal for busy people looking to balance career, family, and social responsibilities with staying healthy and fit—at home, on the road, or practically anywhere!

How It Works

Choose the Subscription that best aligns with your fitness and lifestyle goals

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Still have questions? Let us answer them for you. Check out our FAQs below.

What is a MISSION 6 workout like? How long is each workout and how are they setup?

MISSION 6 workouts are designed to be time efficient, so they are short and to-the-point. They progress from 12 minutes to 18 minutes NOT including warm up. From start to finish you can expect to spend 30 minutes or less. In the 12-18 minute workout, there is no fluff! These workouts are designed for the BURNBEYOND Effect and elicit a metabolic and hormonal response that eliminates the need to spend tireless hours in the gym. The pairing, combinations, and order of movements have been carefully thought out to maximize this short 12-18 minutes.

What if I am really out of shape? Is it ok for beginners?

Beginners are welcome! We have included pictures and descriptions of each movement in our e-book, as well as follow-along videos that give you plenty of explanation and demonstration showing you correct form. This is a perfect place to start for beginners because it utilizes bodyweight movements; therefore there is no need to learn how to use machines or barbells.
The workouts have been designed so that it doesn’t matter what shape you are in, you can benefit from them. For example, 30 seconds of lunges for one person might mean 20 lunges but only 5 for someone else. The important thing is to learn to listen to your body and pace yourself!

I’m very busy, can I do this program if I’m short on time?

Absolutely! This program was designed for you in mind! We designed MISSION 6 for people that don’t have the luxury to spend countless hours at the gym. Including warm up, each workout will take 20-30 minutes!

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You, Too, Can Experience Results* Like These!

Yesen Before And After

Thanks to BurnBeyond for giving me that extra boost

“My name is Yesen, I am 24 and I am from Colorado. Ever since I was a little girl throughout high school I always struggled with weight. I always let my body figure discourage me I have been on this fitness journey for 3 years now. Through out these 3 years my body has been up & down and I have struggled a lot to lose weight. But this past year I have been trying harder everyday and thanks to BurnBeyond for giving me that extra boost before I start my workout at the gym!??”


Angela Before And After

I lost 12 lbs!

“Last Spring, I started a weight loss program and lost 40 pounds. But I could not seem to lose any more. In fact, I got so discouraged that I started gaining it back. That was when I joined the 6-week MISSION 6 challenge. At the end of the six weeks, I had lost 12 pounds! This program was the change I needed to kick things back in gear. The program was easy to follow and when I had questions, the MISSION 6 team answered quickly. I also appreciate all the encouragement they provided. I’m not at my goal weight yet, but I am closer than I was six weeks ago!”


I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been!

“I’m so grateful I found MISSION 6 and Coach Jon! Working full time and being a father of 2 young boys it’s hard to find the time to prepare and have a game plan when it comes to fitness and diet. For years I kept doing the same workouts without seeing any results. I decided it was time to get help. MISSION 6 was great program to jump start my fitness goals while taking all the guess work out of it. Having Coach Jon to guide me and answer my questions was priceless! He helped me not only lose weight but get in the best shape I’ve ever been!”


I lost 14 lbs in 6 weeks!

“Hi, I’m Carrie, and I completed the 6-week MISSION 6 program. I lost 14 lbs in those 6 weeks, and I never thought I was capable of that. I haven’t felt this good for as long as I can remember. I used to get daily headaches, was tired, had no energy and depended on coffee/soda to get me through the day. Since starting MISSION 6, I no longer have the headaches, and since it’s only about 20 minutes of my day, I find it very easy to complete these workouts with my two kids and my 12-hour work shifts. It’s instilled better habits within my family, husband, and kids as well. I would highly recommend MISSION 6. It’s a quick jump start for anyone with weight loss goals.”


I lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks!

“Hi, I’m Kattie. I can attest that MISSION 6 is an effective program. Losing 10 lbs after completing 6 weeks of in-home, 20-minute exercises is a huge accomplishment for me. I am not stopping now, MISSION 6 Volume 2 . . . Bring it on! Whether you have big weight loss goals or simply want to tone, I highly recommend MISSION 6 with its ‘Afterburn’ Effect!”


I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks!

“My name is Jane. I started this program with much apprehension due to my weight and age. Six weeks later and 20 lbs lighter, I’m very happy with the results. I’ve always struggled with my diet, and I’ve never really done anything structured before. I followed this meal plan to a ‘T’ and did some major modifications with the workouts due to knee and shoulder issues. I’m more than proud of myself, but more importantly, thankful to MISSION 6 for helping me to start this major change in my health and in my life.”



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Tips for Fitness Motivation

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Our Founders and Coaches

Jonathan Noon and Cameron Flechsenhaar are the founders and creators of BURNBEYOND and MISSION 6. From personal experience, both believe in the power of exercise and fitness to transform lives. Their philosophy is that not only can a person lose weight or alter his or her appearance through a good fitness and health regimen, but also gain focus, make better life choices, and begin to thrive. The pair found their calling in creating something special, helping people find fitness on more than just an aesthetic level. Most fitness programs focus only on butts, abs, and thighs, while BURNBEYOND’s MISSION 6 offers personalized coaching and a focus on true health, true wellness, and strives to create an all-around better life for clients.
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